Nogit and O – Tonight?!

27 Aug

Two Night?


Two Night?!


Tonight, two lights in my life are getting married.


I met Nogit at “seminar tzofim” in New York

& we became insta-friends (sisters).

She quickly changed my life by forcing me to go to U. C. Berkeley

and then coerced me into joining XO – Merci!

(Still trying to figure out a way to thank you for paving my life-course…)

She ALWAYS keeps it real,

and her clarity, determination and huge heart (+huge laugh) make her as addictive as my morning coffee.

Not to mention the fact that she is the only person -in the world- who will indulge me in a 3 hour conversation with a fake French/British/Israeli accent.

I love you.


I met O at Berkeley, 3 hours before my super-scary-hard economics final.

He was playing the guitar in the study-hall in an attempt to “lighten the mood.”

That didn’t go over too well with me.

(What?! I was stressed!)

At the time, I may have pretended to be more annoyed with him than I actually was, but secretly, during that absurd sing-along moment, O had instantly secured a little place in my heart…

Which is why I predicted that Nogit would fall in love with him.

And she did.

(And we did.)

So today, my dearest of friends, I wish you a huge MAZAL TOV.

May you continue to grow & rejoice in your beautiful relationship,

and find strength within each other to continue changing the world with your passion for justice and compassion for all…

the world is lucky to have 2 people like you.

מכל הלב

I wish I could be there to celebrate in your presence, but be sure that I’m raising a glass for you and for your future.


Is it too selfish to also raise an extra glass for OUR future?  Looking forward to a lifetime of sharing traditions (pass the Kiddush cup), holidays, sing-alongs and racy skype dance-offs!

Love you both.


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