This Week I Liked

5 Sep

Saw this activewear knock-off gem on the way to a hike this week…made me giggle.

Feeling the need to reiterate & re-demonstrate that Koreans are the best-dressed hikers in the world.

Looked out of our living room window last night and noticed that my mum’s name was on a neon sign on the neighboring apartment.  Lavu Sim.

Lindt, in all its glory, in all its cocoa percentages – transported all the way from the Americas.

A well-accessorized baby on the streets of Seoul.  Please note the leg-warmers, scarf, polka dot pants and hair clip.

Sweet ceramic bird royalty, spotted and hearted at a cafe.

Guitar shop by my house.

Caprese Sandwich at Deli Heinzburg on Garosu Gil, one of my favorite sandwich spots.


One Response to “This Week I Liked”

  1. Mom September 6, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    It is amazing! As I used to tell you (and your brother), even if you do not see me, I’m always watching over you so you are safe and making sure you behave….
    The chocolates to my right represent my spirit too!

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