To Market, To Market, in Phnom Penh

6 Nov

*Apologies to my lovely subscribers who received this post too soon.  Below is the complete version*

Phnom Penh’s Central Market, Psar Thmei, is a gorgeous art deco building crammed with stalls selling everything under the sun.  (Visual pun intended.)

G & I were totally overwhelmed by the tremendous size of the Central Market, so we limited ourselves to 45 minutes of browsing… otherwise, we could have spent the entire day there, looking for nothing.

To be perfectly honest, though, I wasn’t too impressed with the quality of goods that we saw at the market- it was all so touristy, lots of  knickknacks and mass manufactured souvenirs.

Instead of shopping, I spent most of my time taking pictures of cyclos (bicycle rickshaws?) and working up the courage to ride in one.

Don’t worry (mom), I was way too scared to drive through Phnom Penh traffic in one of these things.  Although, I could be convinced to…

But of course I didn’t.  Instead I…

Carb-loaded at one of the BEST coffee places in Phnom Penh, Brown Coffee and Bakery.  Okay, maybe I don’t know that for a fact, but it was damn good coffee.  And damn good muffins, as you can tell by the 3 we bought simultaneously.  (G & I do not always make the best decisions when faced with baked goods.)

Brown Coffee & Bakery: #142 St. 51 Corner street 302

And then we were ready for more markets.

This time we decided to go a bit more local and visit the Kandal Market, a typical food market filled with colorful fruit, vegetable, meat & seafood vendors.

A photographer’s dream.  And a smelly dream at that.

Even though I desperately wanted to try some food at Kandal Market, it was a bit too “raw” even by my standards.  (And with no clean bathroom in sight plus a flight to catch in 5 hours, would I really consider it?)  So, we opted to class it up at the nearby riverfront cafe, Metro.

You must go there if you want the perfect fruit cocktail! (A bit pricey though)

You see how we can transform from rags to riches by crossing only two streets? I got my bourgey Kindle and all…

The perfect way to wait for our flight back to Seoul.


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