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Seoul Stylights – Twinsies!

16 Feb

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

So, I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised/insulted that no one has copied my favorite new style (yet).  It’s the muy original “wear all your favorite things at once” look.

Ya dig?!

WanderLOST in Hong Kong

13 Feb

Today we are going back in time to where I last left you (HERE)- the great island of Hong Kong.

Our 4 day trip to Hong Kong was an awesome urban adventure.  G & I spent most of our time doing my favorite city activity- getting completely lost in a general direction.  Now, I realize that most people try to avoid getting lost, but in safe cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul, there is nothing better than going hunting for treasure in the narrow back alleys.

While we didn’t find any treasure per se, we did discover some really bizarre interesting spots.  For example, during our direction-less stroll through Kowloon, we found the Goldfish Market, which is basically an entire street crammed with shops selling exotic fish.  Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take too many pictures, but I was able to snap one of G meeting his match – this fish didn’t back down.

Only a few steps to the North-East, we encountered an equally unexpected exotic delight- a local bird garden.

The garden (which, come to think of it, was really more of a street and less of a garden), had at least 100 stalls of different birds being displayed and sold.

And while the bird watching was pretty exciting, the people+bird watching was even more fascinating…

Hey, I’m not judging…to each their own, right?  (Hashem knows, you could find me cradling a Marc Jacobs bag any given day of the week.)

Some other great walkabout gems were simple street signs with personal significance:

Tamar, my baby cousin’s name &…

Edo, oh my sweet smarter brother!  I was literally jumping for joy at the sight of my family in Hong Kong- these signs were definitely my favorite finds of the day.

Wait, no, I forgot about these…

But me thinks the delicious food of Hong Kong deserves a post all of its own – get your appetite ready.

Where was I?

8 Feb

Some people have their feet on the ground,

but some (ME!) have their head buried in it…

Shame on me for letting 2 months fly by without writing a single post- I owe you an explanation.  But instead of conjuring up a mediocre excuse, let me just give you a quick update.

Since I last blogged, a lot of things have happened:

(1) I was offered a dream job in Korea at a company that shall remain nameless, but rhymes with…

(2) I was unable to accept mentioned dream job because the Fashion Minister of Korea (I kid you not) denied me a work visa.

(3) This unpleasant situation left me feeling generally upset with everything.  Cue video of my daily discontent & embittered rant:

(4)  During my blue period, I promised myself not to blog until I had a better attitude – because no one needs to read a “woe is me” post (much less 100 of them).  <–this is my excuse!

(5) To get out of my funk, I booked a ticket home (1st time in 1 year!).  I knew that coming back (back) to SF would refuel and re-energize my spirit.

(6)  I spent a perfect month with my family (-E) and friends and returned to Seoul 100% myself.

I’m back with a vengeance.

Now, where were we???



Ostrich Photo found on Google Images HERE

LOVE trailer found on the fabulous blog, Fashionista

Mugato clip is from one of the best movies of all time, Zoolander