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On Such A Winter’s Day

17 Mar

It’s 2:30 am & the incessant rain is still scrambling the neon view of the city from my window.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve just come back from a wild night out with friends, but the sad truth is that I’m sitting on the floor, staring at my suitcase & waiting for it to pack itself.  Needless to say, this plan hasn’t worked out very well, but I’m determined not to give up on my sorcerous suitcase.  In the meantime, why not help it & myself procrastinate a bit more by writing a short post?

I knew you’d understand.

So, as I’m prep-astinating for my upcoming trip, I realize that I haven’t told you a thing about my perfect visit back to ze homeland of California.  (Bad blogger! Bad!)  But, really, there isn’t much to say except that it was perfect.

My dearest California did not disappoint.  The sun was shining the entire month of January, allowing me to hike, après coffee, dance in the streets, consider riding a bike, farmers market (used as a verb), and get the ugliest sports-bra tan of my life.

And in addition to all these wonderful things, the greatest and brightest and most important highlight of my trip was the people… my family and friends who continuously keep me California dreaming.

So, I thought I’d take this time to thank and introduce to you, in no particular order, some of the people who make my Cali life special:

Starting with my CUTIE PARENTS!  Oh, how my heart bursts with miss for them.


And, of course, these two lovebirds who had the sunniest winter wedding San Francisco had ever seen.

(It was a love-filled night – complete with skits, songs, & LOTS of dancing.)


Also you should meet and welcome the newest and smallest edition to our group- peanut A!


Then there are my Fetus Friends- indeed I’m lucky enough to have 3 friends that I’ve known since I was in utero!

And I’m super extra lucky because they all still live in SF & one of them is the BEST cook in the world (and likes to feed me)!  And I love her.


Then there is the crew that helps me laugh my way through life.  I have no idea how many hours we’ve spent sitting and cracking up because of/at each other, but I know that I’ll never tire of it.  (Jay you were the missing piece of the pentagon.)


And these 4 loves, who I met separately, in different stages of my life, who somehow (magically) found one another in this crazy world and coupled up.  Married up, that is.   I love when friend-groups combine.

Frieds, pass the sherry.


Plus there are my AMAZING 😉 LA ladies who lunch, and now restore homes.


 And last but furthest from the least, my older sisters, who will kill me for posting a picture of them AFTER our crazy night in Santa Monica.  (Why do I always take pictures the day after we glam up?!)

And the coffee that saved our lives. (I thought is was worth a mention.)


Of course, there are so many friends that did not get blogged because I was too in the moment (lazy) to take pictures, but I love you just the same.

To everyone back in the states, thanks for making this trip home the best I’ve ever had.

(Steiny, I was going to  photoshop your “professional” LinkedIn photo into one of the groups pics, but decided you’d like me a lot more if I refrained.)

(R, you need to send me the pics from our Rancho San Antonio Hike together!)


Seoul Stylights – It’s Raining Men

14 Mar

Okay, so it’s not exactly raining men, BUT it is rainy and there are men…so there ya go.

The following pictures are a brief demonstration of why I LOVE men’s fashion in Seoul.  So casual chic!

A Boy Becomes a Man – G Loses His Thirginity

12 Mar

This weekend we celebrated G’s 30th…

Which was quite a special occasion because the kid man intensely dislikes making a big deal of his birthday.   (Well, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about celebrating this year either, but I started wearing him down in January so that he would give up the fight come March.)


Pre-birthday – a foundation for the celebration:

In order not to overwhelm the fragile birthday boy, I started things off nice & casual the night before he turned 30, by making his favorite San Francisco meal-

meatball subs a la Marina Submarine, with a final course of G’s dearly beloved…



El Birthday Itself – 30 is for romancing

I turned the love-meter up a notch for the actual eve of G’s birthday, enchanting him with some appetizers and wine at Fifty Cafe (located near Dosan park)…

followed by a perfect (perfect perfect) dinner at The Kitchen.

We dined slowly and thoroughly on traditional Italian soup, tomato and eggplant bruschetta, sautéed clams with cherry tomatoes, THE BEST calabreze pizza I have ever had in my life, and linguine alla pescatore.

 I wouldn’t have changed a thing except for the fact that they wouldn’t allow flash photography (hence the fuzzy pics).

We had such a good time at The Kitchen that we stayed until it closed- and then it was off to the bars!  (Where I got as fuzzy as my pictures.)


30 + a day – Let’s dance old man!

My plan had worked- two days of calm and delicious celebrations had lead G to start enjoying his birthday- and finally we were ready to really PARTY!

The night started with a little bit of this (thanks to Maama H)…

Followed by a lot of that…

Interspersed with a Zoolander this…

And ending with our amazing Seoulsome friends at the bars- thank you all for coming out!

I think the birthday Grinch is finally cured!

Hong Kong- Love At First Bite

8 Mar

I’m going to journey back to Hong Kong for one last post about food,

(Oh, Hong Kong, you lovely island of culinary delights!)

and what better way to kick things off than with Hong Kong’s most celebrated food- Dim Sum!

Dim Sum and I have had a very short, but intensely committed relationship, which began at first bite during our trip to Shanghai last year.

(Indeed, this is a photograph of my very first taste of a Cha Siu Bau at Crystal Jade restaurant.)

So, of course, when G and I landed in Hong Kong, I decided we agreed that our #1 priority was to consume Dim Sum as frequently and as obsessively as possible.

Note: stretchy pants were a MUST WEAR for completing this mission.

Sadly, our camera broke midway through our trip (while I was rabidly snapping pictures of food, mind you), so I only have a few photographs that capture our Dim Sum frenzy.

These photos were taken at the famous Maxim’s Palace, a majestic banquet-hall-of-a-restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the city.  The food was delicious & abundant, but I must warn you that eating at Maxim’s usually requires a wait (we drooled for 20 minutes before we were seated) and it felt a bit too touristy for my hole-in-the-wall likings (Hong Kongers, what do you think? I may be wrong about this one).

Another great Dim Sum recommendation for those of you traveling to Hong Kong, is Tim Ho Wan.  Tim’s restaurant is much less fancy than Maxim’s, BUT what it lacks in decor it makes up for in (perfect) taste & a Michelin star (!), not to mention- LOW prices!

Hong Kong dim sum

Image from, click photo to read the full article

And while we are on the topic of low prices, I want to tell you a bit about the Australia Dairy Company.

This canteen came highly recommended by various interweb sources, stating that Australia Dairy serves the BEST scrambled eggs… but I’m afraid to tell you that this is not at all exactly true.

Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely fun to experience canteen-style dining in Hong Kong, but food-wise, it wasn’t really what we had anticipated.

 We rolled into the restaurant at 7:30 am, expecting to be the first people in the door, but the place was already packed with hungry locals.  We were hurriedly seated at a table with a sweet couple who recommended the restaurant’s famed breakfast order of scrambled eggs with white bread toast, accompanied by ham and noodle soup.  (And we just had to add-on some egg pudding because it’s DELIGHTCIOUS, and who doesn’t want a 3 course meal at dawn?)

We ordered, a minute later, we ate (yes, that is exactly how long it took to get our food), and then we were puzzled.  We didn’t get it- what’s all the hype about?   THE BEST scrambled eggs?!  That’s a strong statement.  And I disagree.

Moving on!

Wait, did I just post a picture of Pret A Manger, spotted and hearted at an underground Hong Kong metro stop?

Yes, I really did.  Please don’t judge, you have no idea what tears of joy this Pret kiosk caused as G & I perused the bountiful sandwich assortment.  (Seoul is not big on my-style sandwiches.)

And while I’m confessing my foodie sins, I shall also admit to you that we dined at the famous ramen chain, Ippudo…

located in a mall.  A freakin’ mall.

I know, for shame.  But my word, that is some amazing ramen.

In fact, I would say, it is the best, Jerry, the best.


Okay kids- it’s bed time for this hungry dumpling.  Until the next one!