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Best Week Ever?!

11 Apr

Hey lovelies!

It has been almost a week since my return from the Holy Land & I am bursting with news and events that I have to tell you about.  Unfortunately, I’m currently lacking the time, or rather (let’s just say it), the time management skills, to write a full-on detailed post about Israel, but I promise to update you shortly because my trip was really THAT good.

Instead, I’ve decided to tell you just a few short reasons why the past 7 days were, most likely, the best ever:

Let’s just start off with the most obvious fact- this week, I got to chillax with my brother (after a full year of missing!), my parents, and my beautifully amazingly wonderful family in Israel.

(more pictures to come, familia)


I also got to show off my new haircut…

(Indeed, this is me, singing a song of joy and gratitude after the chop. )


While eating a crêpe.


And then, of course, I got to fly home to him…

and them…

(Ladies this is such an old photo, but I just couldn’t help myself!)

And the rest of my Korean family-friends.


Plus, oh, did I mention…

I got a job at Samsung!!!  I am finally a working woman!


So, now you can understand why I think this week is the best week ever.

Many more details coming soon.