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Memories of Israel – The Desert [Part I]

21 Jun

If you haven’t been to Israel before, I hope these posts of “Memories of Israel” spark your interest.  I have intentionally kept them wording-light and photo-rich, so please email me if you would like more details.


In my last couple of posts about Israel, you’ve followed me lazying around beaches, eateries & the like (as seen here & here), but thanks to my ever-young & adventurous parents, my vacation also included an awesome jeep trip to the beautiful, southern desert of Israel – the Negev.

Because it is impossible to go on this type of trip without a navigation and off-roading expert, we enlisted the help of tour-guide-extraordinaire, Avi Farjoun

& his exceptionally strong jeep.

(La familia…stuffed)

 Our 3-day desert trip followed the path of the spice & perfume trail of the ancient Nabateans, who, around 300 B.C, created an intricate trade route from southern Arabia, through the Negev, to the Mediterranean sea.

The Nabateans were masters of the desert thanks to their unrivaled ability to obtain and collect water in the arid terrain.

 Therefore, much of our trip was focused on discovering hidden irrigation channels and desert oases, thought to be used by the Nabateans.

 Unlike the Nabateans, however, once we found these watering holes, we’d usually stop for a picnic.

…Okay, back to the trip…

While following the spice trade route, we also visited Avdat, one of the most important camping grounds for Nabataean caravans (which was later taken over by the Romans).

We also did some beautiful hiking.

And then we reached this breathtaking view…

Which I promise to explain more about in my next deserty post.