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Things I Do When G Is Away

17 Jul

I’m not exactly sure what happens when G leaves for the weekend, but somehow I find myself reverting  to the worst kind of teenage behavior:

  1. I base most of my meals on bread and chocolate.  And it tastes goooood.
  2. I stay up WAY past my bedtime – yes, I did post last night’s blog note at 3:00 am. Why?
  3. I watch far too much bad T.V. and then try to compensate by watching classic books-gone-movies like, Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility.
  4. I become the messiest human being on the planet…for 10 hours…and then my OCD-like tendencies take over and I clean the apartment with a vengance

Our humble home

I think it’s pretty obvious that my bachlorette weekends sans G are not exactly healthy.  He is definitely the Ying to my Yang.  COME HOME!