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Seoul Stylights- Korean Street Fashion

9 Nov

Meet the three people I saw walking down the street that made me go-


And just like that, I decided to start a weekly street style post, featuring Korea’s trendiest pedestrians.

Inspiring, no?!

It definitely made me think twice about reaching for my raggedy ol’ jeans and black-T the next morning…well yes, I still wore them, but at least I thought about it & mentally scolded myself.  Luckily, tomorrow is another day.

P.S. I know that street photography is EXTREMELY popular these days, but my favorites remain The Sartorialist & his equally talented girlfriend, Garance Dore.  If you haven’t heard of them by now, check out their blogs for the REAL deal.

This Week I Liked…(Things Earlier than Usual)

9 Sep

The first week of September has flown by, and so far, I’ve been able to keep my promise to myself to LIVE each day to the last drop.

In simple terms- Eat, Play, Love.

So, I’m doing an early post of “This Week I Liked…” because (a) there are already SO many things I’d like to share with you & (b) because, starting tomorrow, I’m taking a week-long blog holiday (blogiday?) for the Korean Thanksgiving vacation of Chusok.

**The true fan-ny pack!  This baby is keeping it cool, while pops is keeping it real with this ultra-chill look.  (Wish someone would carry me around in one of these!)

*A lovely definition of “home,” from the glamorous & glitzy blog, The Glitter Guide.

*I can’t stop looking at this painting (I just love me a portrait) found on the phenomenal “virtual gallery” of  The Jealous Curator.

(I’m sorry I don’t have direct links to these photos this week, my computer semi-crashed and my source information disappeared.  I’ll be better about it going forward.)

*B-zee.  The coolest & most talkative cat I know.

*Gorgeous abalone shells gifted to me by the owner of our favorite fish market restaurant.  (I’ve been trying to de-stink them ever since! Any suggestions?)

*Celebrating New York Fashion Week from Seoul (sigh) with this Lanvin ad campaign that had me smiling from ear to ear.  Watch it and tell me what you think.

Have a peaceful and relaxing Chusok vacation- to all my Korean & expat friends!