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This Week I Liked

5 Sep

Saw this activewear knock-off gem on the way to a hike this week…made me giggle.

Feeling the need to reiterate & re-demonstrate that Koreans are the best-dressed hikers in the world.

Looked out of our living room window last night and noticed that my mum’s name was on a neon sign on the neighboring apartment.  Lavu Sim.

Lindt, in all its glory, in all its cocoa percentages – transported all the way from the Americas.

A well-accessorized baby on the streets of Seoul.  Please note the leg-warmers, scarf, polka dot pants and hair clip.

Sweet ceramic bird royalty, spotted and hearted at a cafe.

Guitar shop by my house.

Caprese Sandwich at Deli Heinzburg on Garosu Gil, one of my favorite sandwich spots.