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LAO.M.F.A.O: Everyday I’m Jungle-ing

9 Oct

One cancelled flight and two long delays later, G & I finally made it to Luang Prabang in Laos.

And my-oh-my was it worth the wait.

Our first stop was Lao Spirit, a stunning eco-resort hidden in the depths of the Laotian Jungle.  The resort came highly recommended by my lovely friend, A, but even her praise didn’t capture the magic of this beautiful location.  When you coupled the ambiance of the Laos jungle with our elegant little bungalow, you had the best of both worlds: a Laotian Jungalow.

Because it was the rainy season in Laos (meaning, the season when only dumb kids who ignore the weather -like us- decide to travel), G & I were the ONLY guests at the resort!  Initially, we had big dreams of exploring the vacant lodge, walking to a nearby town and then strolling by the river to see the water buffalo, but the rain was relentless, so we opted to stay lazy and happy in the confines of our charming jungalow…

which, of course, required massages…

and chilled red wine (the only way to serve a glass in 100% humidity) over a competitive game of Mastermind.

Little did we know how much we needed a night of relaxation… because the next day was chock full of more-than-we-asked-for-exactly-what-we-needed activity.


We woke up with the sunrise (a much easier task when your eco-resort is so eco-friendly that it doesn’t have air con or fans) and got ready for the 1-day jungle tour that we booked through the hotel.

Okay, so getting ready for the tour really only required eating breakfast… but still it was worth a mention & a couple of pictures.  Check out the view from the restaurant!

Our personal (phenomenal) guide, Ko, met us at the resort & took us to our first & most exciting destination of the day- the elephant camp.

Holy Buddha are these creatures amazing!

For the first time in my life, I was able to touch, feed, and walk around these grand creatures…I even got to ride on the back of an elephant’s neck!

Such sweet and beautiful animals.  I couldn’t get enough.

Once Ko & G were finally able to drag me away from my elephant, we set off on a gorgeous trek to a Khmu village.

And into the jungle we went… (to be continued)