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Can You Help Me Find 2 Zebras? It’s Time To Build The Arc

27 Jul

I guess I’m scared of Thunderstorms.

Last night, I didn’t sleep a wink because I was too fascinated/freaked by the lightning & water show raging outside my window.  It was beautiful, scary, but mostly just depressing.  It’s hard for me to stay cooped-up in a small apartment for so many days in a row.  I get moody, restless, and a touch more cuckoo than I already am.

G lovingly waiting for a cab, while getting drenched in the rain (typhoons don't photograph well, but please believe, they are present in these photos)

The nasty weather propels me to continuously say to G, “This is the Summer of Our Discontent.”  Which he really doesn’t appreciate because it is totally false (we are quite content & feel very lucky to live this experience 98% of the time), but I think it’s funny.  So, I’ll keep on saying it.

Anyway, the reason I have time to tell you all this por la mañana, is because G & I are skipping Korean class today.  Rebels?  Not quite. We definitely attempted to go to class (or at least G did…which counts for both of us), but we actually can’t leave our apartment because our neighborhood is completely flooded.  There is about a foot & a half of running water surrounding our building.

Wonder if G will find a way to get to work…

The street outside our building is now a river

Or can I convince him to take a Rain Day?

Wish me luck!

At Last!

16 Jul

¡Por Fin! My very first post on my spankin’ new blog.

After six months of living in Korea, I finally feel settled in, settled down and ready to share my experiences, inspirations and  MANY awkward moments on this amazing journey (sometimes amazingly frustrating, but usually pretty amazing).

This weekend is already off to a great start, minus the fact that G is currently romping around Tokyo, doing HASHEM-knows-what with his step-brother, M.

(Does my jealousy translate into print?!)

Rather than joining the boys on a testosterone-drenched weekend, I decided to stay back in Seoul to monitor the rain and answer the question on every expat’s mind- CAN IT REALLY RAIN FOR A MONTH NON-STOP?!?!

So far the answer is, yes.

In fact, it’s raining so hard that store clerks are trained to cover a customer’s paper shopping bag with a plastic cover (center pic below)…not to mention the fact that every single pastry I buy gets individually wrapped in its very own plastic shelter.  (I can hear you Berkelians cringing.)

So, what do you do when it’s hot, humid, and typhooning?  Simple, you go see  the new 🙂 and final 😦 Harry Potter film with your marvelously magical friends.   Luckily, my magical friends in Seoul decided to get together pre-movie and watch the Deathly Hallows part 1 while eating deli sandwiches (a very rare and delicious treat in Korea) as well as all the movie theater-esque candy we could get our hands on (Junk-food isn’t as caloric when you are watching a movie, right?).  Needless to say, both movies were absolutely brilliant…but I’m just so sad it’s over.

To end this Saturday on a high-note, I’m off to Apgujeong to bid-adieu to a friend who is leaving Seoul and moving to the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco.  Cheers!