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Movin’ On Up…

11 Aug

I owe you an apology.

I’ve completely neglected the blogosphere for the past 2 weeks and have been feeling more & more guilty about my blogio-silence with every passing day.

Lo siento.

The main reason I’ve been so busy the past few weeks is because G & I just moved into a sparkly new apartment- HOORAY!  The move, surprisingly, wasn’t that difficult (considering it was about 100 degrees outside, our mover didn’t speak a lick of English, & G had to leave on a business trip the morning after our move-in day), but it was extremely time consuming.  I guess we didn’t realize HOW MUCH crap we had accumulated in the short time we’ve lived in Korea.

Packing up our old apartment

Point is- after a long week of cleaning, organizing, packing and moving, G & I became proud new tenants of a beautiful little apartment near Seolleung station.

I promise to give you a full tour of the place once we’ve unpacked the rest of our boxes.

(Don’t hold your breath)

Another awesome thing that I got to do last week was teach English classes, as a substitute, at my friend’s Korean school.  I’ve always loved teaching language classes (having taught Hebrew to 3rd graders while I was in high school and during my time at Cal), but these Korean students really brought my passion for teaching to a new level – so respectful, playful, sweet and fun.  I couldn’t possibly ask for a better gig!

I can’t wait to go back, although, I must admit – teaching is EXHAUSTING!  My week+ in front of the class really made me appreciate all the teachers in my life that came to class prepared, energetic and ready to inspire.

(Mr. P, Mrs. Smith, Martha Olney, Edward Miguel, Gerard Roland… you’ll probably never read this, but thank you.)

So, as you can read, it’s been pretty pretty busy on this side of the world, but, thankfully, it’s been ALL sweet.