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Memories of Israel – Tel Aviv

7 May

If you haven’t been to Israel before, I hope these posts of “Memories of Israel” spark your interest.  I have intentionally kept them wording-light and photo-rich, so please email me if you would like more details…


Just one month ago, I was standing at a Tel Aviv intersection, trying to decide if I wanted to turn left, and head to the beach or turn right, for some lazy coffee and city strolling. Of course, I ended up doing both because that is what vacation is all about.

But Israel is much more than a vacation destination for me.  It is my second home and the other half of my personality.  I’m not sure I can ever explain the relationship I have with this Country and City, but I’d love to take you for a photographic ride and show you what Tel Aviv means to me…



{Reunions of the Heart}

– Mazal  Tov to the newly engaged cuties! –

– Mazal  Tov to the newly parents! –


By the way, the salad in the top right photo changed my life.  It was the salad I was eating when I learned that my work visa was accepted in Korea!

{Friends that are Family who I Love  = Friemiloves}

{And Him…My Sweetest Bestest Brotherling}

What’s not to love?