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Hong Kong Colada – A Tropical GetAWAY from the City

6 Dec


My broken camera (actually, G’s camera that I broke…lovingly) has magically fixed itself & now I can finally share some pictures from Hong Kong.

I have so much to tell you about our trip, mostly re: food, food and food (as usual), but I’ll start off with our most impressive and awesome Hong Kong activity- hiking the Dragon’s Back trail.

**Directions at the bottom of le post**

After two days of stomping around the high-rising city, waiting in lines (for eats, not museums…sorry dad) and pushing our way through markets, G and I decided it was high-time to nature-up & do a short hike called, Dragon’s Back trail.

The hike was nothing short of perfection- like a direct IV of gorgeous, straight to the system.

The trail was clearly marked and rather easy (an unexpected delight, after some of my more complicated Korean hiking experiences), so the 2 hours of walking were spent completely devoted to devouring the dramatic views of the South China Sea.

And the cherry on top? We had little hiking cheerleaders, who held signs of encouragement before the steep inclines.

I need to hire these ladies to cheer for me at the gym…

Anyway, the hike was over way too quickly (2.5 hours if you take your time and snap A LOT of photos), and G & I were not near ready to return to the hullabaloo of the city… so we opted to follow the trail to Shek O, a small beach-side village nearby.

I’m not sure what I expected (Maybe an extension of the city’s bustling downtown with a small beach attached?), but when we reached Shek O, I couldn’t believe my eyes- we stumbled upon a lazy, tropical, beach town in Hong Kong!

I had no idea this type of paradise exists only a few metro stops away from the city.

We sat on the beach for hours, reveling in our fantastic elastic (minute 1:25, if you watch the video) beachy discovery,  saddened only by the fact that we didn’t bring our bathing suits…

But the mocktails made up for it.

And thus ends my prescription for the antidote to city-life.  (If you ever need it.)



To reach the trail-head, take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan Station, exit #A3.  From there, walk toward the Shau Kei Wan bus terminal and hop on Bus 9 (headed to Shek O).  Get off at Cape Collinson Road.  The bus should take about 15-20 minutes total.

The hike is approximately 4.5 kilometers long.

At the end of the trail, you can either take a taxi to Shek O, or head back to the bus terminal on Bus 9.

Easy as pie!