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This Month I Liked…

30 Jul

(1) Gorgeous rustic doors at Osteria Matinee at Cheongdam (Jayla this is for you)

(2) Cooling off with the perfect raspberry lemon iced tea.  Yes, it cost $7.00, and truth, I was too hot to care.

(3)  Bright flowers outside the National Museum of Korea

(4) Balderdash game night with friends-  the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday night.

(5) I WIN!!!! For the first time in the history of G & A, I get #1st place at game night.  G was legitimately shocked by my triumph & to rub it in, I made him photograph my YEAY celebrations.

(6) Spotted and hearted – golden silverware at a cafe.  Wanted to pick up that mason jar and run

(7) A splash of color on an otherwise grey day

(8) I’m obsessed with M’s painting – made entirely out of makeup & feathers.

These are some of my favorite July finds. Once the rain stops and I’m able to leave the house, I’m thinking of making this post a weekly thing…Thoughts?

P.S. I do LOVE complaining about the rain, but don’t feel too bad for me because behind the scenes, I’m not so secretly reveling in luxurious laziness on my couch with wine & a book… facebook (just keeping it real).